Advanced Innovation Insights Launches HER2 Gene Interactive Innovation Dashboard

(July 27, 2021) – Advanced Innovation Insights is glad to announce the launch of its brand-new product, HER2 gene interactive innovation dashboard. This dashboard is groundbreaking in its attempt to visualize the innovation landscape relating to the HER2 gene. It allows users to view data by sector, organization, clinical applicability, organization geography, and patent office geography.

Advanced Innovation Insights introduces the exclusive new product, the HER2 gene interactive innovation dashboard. This technology driven innovative company is constantly developing new ideas to provide deep data insights to its clients. With the use of AI tech, Advanced Innovation Insights has successfully served its clients in diverse arenas in both the corporate and public sectors.

Users can interact with the dashboards and drill down to patent abstract. We hope this dashboard will support effective R&D decisions and advance this field of personalized medicine. This product is part of the company’s utilization of AI to analyze innovation trends and provide competitive landscape intelligence”, says a spokesperson for Advanced Innovation Insights.

The HER2 gene interactive innovation dashboard is part of an exciting channel of products available on the company’s website for purchase along with many more in the works. Clients can now gain a competitive edge using the company’s bespoke intelligence reports.

Making informed business investment decisions using gigabytes of largely unstructured data is a challenge. By mathematically modeling the features of unstructured data, and creating models through the Aii pipeline we have developed a new way for organizations to view their position in an innovation space”, says a spokesperson for Advanced Innovation Insights.

The company’s existing portfolio comprises reports on automotive, healthcare, and education settings. Their service can also be tailored for each company’s individual needs and covers every sector fulfilling their client’s specific requirements.

Advanced Innovation Insights’ elastic, scalable, and vigorous platform is capable of decoding large unstructured data sets into terse reports designed to support critical decisions. They believe that this proves themselves as the right team to help achieve competitive advantage through innovation.

By using some of the most current processing power and utilizing an enterprise-class analytics platform, the team has managed to tame the global Patents databases. This has helped the company build the first generation Aii pipelines for its customers providing them with an innovation space and competitive landscape intelligence.

Advanced Innovation Insights was founded in 2019. Since then, it has constructed tools to understand innovation themes to reform the industry. They provide a module that applies to clients both now and into the future. Although based in the UK, the company continues analyzing global innovation data and is now available to support customers across the globe.


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