For some, making informed business investment decisions using gigabytes of largely unstructured data is a challenge too far.


Our dashboards and reports to leave you informed to support these decisions

Aii use AI to analyse innovation trends and provide competitive landscape intelligence with the aim of supporting R&D investment decisions and understanding intellectual property assets.


Using some of the most modern processing power and utilising an enterprise class analytics platform the small team have tamed the US Patents database and built the first generation Aii pipelines for recognising our customers innovation space and the competitive landscape. 

By mathematically modelling the features of unstructured data, and creating models through the Aii Fii pipeline we have developed a new way for organisations to view their

position in an innovation space.


This Aii Machine learning pipeline breaks new ground in patent examination with a clear focus on the business benefits. Aii delivers deep insights through a series of data driven reports.

Aii algorithms can be applied to any body of text, with key words identified by our A.I.C.E TM algorithm, and cross referenced against the patents data through three lenses:


Search based on an innovation term e.g. IoT (Internet of Things)


To assess the innovation landscape of a sector or specific organisation, be it a corporate giant or a start-up


Assess innovation based on HQ location of organisations

The combination of all three lenses delivers advanced innovation insights.


For example “Automotive Vehicle Propulsion” tells one story in total, but different nations (as the sum of the organisations located within them) each provide a different angle on that narrative giving a far more detailed analysis of the complete picture.

Reports are provided in executive report PDF format and available as online dashboards