We know that clear visibility of competitive landscape = greater confidence in investment spend.


Take back the edge.  

Aii deliver deep data insights to support effective R&D decisions, using AI to analyse innovation trends and provide competitive landscape intelligence. 

By providing not only a detailed view of current competitive standing, but also forward visibility of the future, we help customers better understand their market position to drive improved efficiency in R&D. 


We have developed a new way to take previously unstructured data and create concise reports for organisations to view their position in an innovation space.


We also offer an algorithmic assessment of patent fit to help manage intellectual property assets, helping to make more effective decisions around R&D decisions and when to license or divest legacy intellectual property assets.


Our current portfolio includes reports on automotive, healthcare and education settings but our service is tailored for each company’s individual needs and covers every sector, so please contact us with your specific requirements


Making informed business investment decisions using gigabytes of largely unstructured data is a challenge.


Find out more about our process and see how we can deliver intelligent insight to your business.  e.


Our flexible, scalable, and robust platform translates largely unstructured data into concise reports to support critical decisions. 


Find out how we are the right team to help achieve competitive advantage through innovation


We have an exciting pipeline of products available to purchase with many more in development. 

Find out how you can gain the competitive edge using our bespoke intelligence reports.